What Are We Becoming?

I read a very good article this morning that was written by R. Loren Sandford in September, 2013. He wrote about a “shift” that he observed in the Church–a change that I, too, have witnessed taking place in the Body of Christ.

Here is an excerpt from his article, titled, “A New Move of God is Occurring.”

Both in and out of the church, we created and catered to a culture focused on self-fulfillment, getting a blessing, having an experience and being fed and touched personally and individually. We became a “me” generation, in contradistinction to a culture of the selflessness of the cross, and then passed that sick cultural orientation to our children, who now suffer for it.

Conditioned by the culture we created, we gravitated toward teachings that told us how to personally prosper, receive a blessing, experience the supernatural and heal the pain that our self-orientation inevitably produced. We ended up with a faith focused in the wrong place, sometimes subtly and in some cases rather blatantly.

Worship became an individual experience to receive and enjoy rather than an offering rising as a pleasing aroma to God for His sake. Inner healing became not a tool to make us more whole for the sake of lives given away in the service of others but more of a means of relieving our pain so we could be “happy.”

Prophetic ministry too often gravitated toward flattering words of great destinies reflective of the content of the hearts of the people rather than life-changing truth. We began to attend conferences for the big names on the roster of speakers, hoping the anointed ones would spark life and impart something into us that would give meaning to our lives or catalyze a supernatural experience.

Jesus, however, came to reveal the nature and character of His Father: ‘He who has seen Me has seen the Father” (John 14:9).

I believe anyone who is serious about serving God has been experiencing a holy dissatisfaction with merely “receiving blessings” and having one more “spiritual experience.” The ultimate plan and purpose of God is, that, as His children, we would be “conformed into His image.” To this end, God is working to finish what He has started in us.

You can read the entire article here.